Starfield, Collector’s Edition Coming Up? Spotted Themed Smartwatch

According to the latest online rumors, Starfield’s development would be almost completed, to the point, it is now assumed, that the Bethesda team might already be working on a Collector’s Edition of the title.

A theory that is being developed following the sighting of a mysterious manual of a Starfield-themed smartwatch on the net. Marked by Reddit’s always active community, the latter seems to be destined to enrich a collection edition of Bethesda’s long-awaited title.

Pending any confirmation of this, the lead of the manual reveals that the object would be produced by The Wand Company, a company that had already collaborated with the authors of the series The Elder Scrolls. For example, the company had made some Fallout-themed merchandise. The smart watch model would be called “LPV6 Chronomark Smartwatch” and would include several references to the Starfield world. In particular, it seems that Chronomarch could represent one of the great companies dedicated to space exploration active in the game Bethesda.

Animated by Android software, the smartwatch should be able to connect to different types of smartphones thanks to Bluetooth technology. In addition, the clock would include barometer functions, provide information on weather forecasts and keep track of the moon phases and times scheduled for sunset and sunrise. Are you curious to know more?

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