Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order On Sale At 19.99 Euros Also For Playstation 5

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a title developed by Respawn Entertainment, released from November 15, 2019 by Electronic Arts, set among Star Wars events: Episode III – The Sith Revenge

Since June is also available the retail version of the title for PS5 and Xbox Series X, today in fact on Amazon the game is buyable at the discounted price of 19,99 euros for almost all consoles instead of a list price of 49,99 euros, then This is the lowest price ever, the PS5 version was completely out of stock, now it is available again at this super discounted price.

Below are links to buy the game at discounted price:

According to Digital Foundry, the next-gen version (for PS5 and Xbox Series X) of the game significantly improves loading times on both platforms (it talks about a little more than a second difference between the two with a benefit). As for performance, the two machines offer almost identical performances in both performance mode (60 frames per second at 1400p) and resolution mode (30 frames per second at 4K).

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