Star Wars Eclipse: When And Where Is The Quantic Dream Game Set?

Announced at The Game Awards 2021, Star Wars Eclipse is the new game of Quantic Dream, for the first time at work on the narrative universe created by George Lucas. With a trailer in CG, Eclipse introduced factions, places and characters that we will see during the adventure: but when and where is the title Quantic Dream?

Star Wars Eclipse is set during the Upper Republic, an era placed about 200 years before La Menaccia Ghost and which ends approximately 50 years before the same film. It is the period of maximum expansion of the Republic and of golden years for the Jedi Order, at the apex of their name as guardians of peace and justice. Although Eclipse is the first video game to explore this timeline, it was novels and comics that introduced it and presented it with a crossmedia editorial project that will soon also boast the videogaming medium in its ranks.

In the trailer we see alien races known as the Neimoidians, already in possession of the imposing battle stations seen in the prequel trilogy. Similarly, Master Yoda is already a member of the Jedi Council at the time, although he is about two centuries younger than when we see him in the Skywalker saga. Moreover, it should be specified that in this period of the Galaxy the Exterior Edge still appears largely undiscovered, and therefore represents the border of the space known and guided by the Republic: this will be the scenario behind the history of Eclipse.

Speaking of the game Quantic Dream, according to a rumor Star Wars Eclipse will be inspired by The Last of Us. While for other voices the prototype of Star Wars Eclipse dates back to 2018.

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