Star Wars Eclipse, Exit Not Before 2024: This Is Tom Henderson.

On the occasion of The Game Awards 2021, the announcement of a new videogaming epopea set in the Longana Longana Galaxy came as a surprise, with the presentation of the reveal trailer of Star Wars: Eclipse.

Developed by Quantic Dream, the new game of the authors of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human promises fans of the Star Wars saga a new and ambitious Action Adventure. Still rather mysterious, the title is already at the center of a vast exhibition of rumors and rumors, which would like Star Wars: Eclipse in development already for several years. Nevertheless, always according to rumors of corridor, the launch could still be very far in time.

Tom Henderson, a well-known insider, reported that over the past year he has anticipated a lot of information about Battlefield 2042 and more. According to the leader, the Star Wars: Eclipse publication window would be at least 3 or 4 years old, with the debut that would not be expected before 2024. The slow development process, Henderson continues, would be linked to difficulties in the recruitment process at Quantic Dream. The Paris division of the software house, which is responsible for the development of Star Wars: Eclipse, would be struggling to find the more than 60 professional figures he is currently looking for.

According to the insider, Action Adventure would rely on David Cage’s strong involvement in the script. On the front of the realization, the choice to use the Quantic Dream Engine would however be causing some problems, with the graphic engine that would not have been thought for an use in an open world game.

At the moment, of course, there is no official confirmation of the rumor reported by Tom Henderson, which will remain simple rumor until any new order.

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