Star Wars Eclipse: Big Difficulty In Development? Tom Henderson’s Analysis

Although his announcement is still very fresh, having taken place during the The Game Awards 2021, the new title of Quantic Dream has already reached the center of controversy: fans are boycotting Star Wars Eclipse for the involvement of the French studio

Aside from the poles, it also seems that the development of Star Wars Eclipse is already facing several problems, and this despite the game is still in its early stages of processing. To deepen the issue with a long video analysis is the well-known insider Tom Henderson, who has already in depth various issues related to the game, including his possible launch window (in this regard, Star Wars Eclipse will not be released before 2024).

The biggest complications would be related to the graphic engine used to create the work: the Quantic Dream Engine is in fact designed to be used in indoors and with a limited number of NPCs on screen, which would make it unpractical for an open- The study is also having problems creating the expected multiplayer component, while there is still no playable version of the title despite a development started for over 18 months. Still, Quantic Dream would be facing great difficulties in hiring new staff because of the accusations of recent years, thus finding itself at a core labour course for the development of the project.

Henderson also revealed some backgrounds on the genesis of Star Wars Eclipse, which dates back to the period when the company was still tied to Sony: originally it was known as Project Karma and was conceived as a MMORPG, however the David Cage’s software house then turned to Lucasfilm, proposing a Star Wars-based title, taking back some of the resources already made for Project Karma.

Despite the reliability of the insider, what revealed must be taken with the calipers since there is no official feedback. With the release of Star Wars Eclipse still far away, production is constantly becoming and hopefully that any problems may re-enter over time.

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