Star Citizen, Unbridled Fundraising: $400 Million Since 2012

Star Citizen has reached and exceeded the incredible threshold of 400 million dollars collected in crowdfunding campaign, as specified on the official website of the space work developed by Cloud Imperium Games, software house headed by Chris Roberts.

This is a very impressive figure for a title that counts on the financial support of users, reached within almost a decade now. Star Citizen, in fact, is a project born in 2012, and continues to expand considerably after never having passed the Alpha phase. Since 2014, Cloud Imperium Games has largely exceeded the $63 million that had set itself as the goal of fundraising, but the software house does not yet seem ready to discuss more concretely the final version of the game, apparently still far from the debut.

In any case, Cloud Imperium Games continues to expand its workforce on the ambitious project, as demonstrated by the recent opening of Manchester’s study entrusted to about 1,000 developers. If you are curious to have a taste of what has been built so far by Roberts’ company, we would like to point out that the two free trial weeks of Star Citizen are still available, with which you can test over 120 ships, transport and

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