Star Citizen: The Legatus Pack 2951 Is Available At The’modic’ Figure Of 40,000 Dollars

Cloud Imperium Games launched the Legatus Pack 2951 by Star Citizen, a package including numerous spaceships and cosmetic elements to show off inside the space simulator. Available exclusively for Chairman’s Club members, the content is available for purchase at the “modic” $40,000.

At the moment it is unclear what exactly includes the Legatus Pack 2951, but previous bundles packaged by Cloud Imperium Games have often included hundreds of ships and other in-game items. To get their hands on these exclusive prizes, players have come to spend up to $36,000 previously, a figure exceeded by this new package.

Buying the Legatus Pack 2951 clearly shows that it wants to support substantially the development of the Star Citizen project, which to be honest has already reached the impressive figure of 400 million dollars collected in crowdfunding campaign. The title Sci-Fi is among the most ambitious ever presented, however the works of Cloud Imperium Games have been going on since 2012 and there is not even the shadow of a launch date linked to its final version.

Star Citizen has recently updated to Patch 3.16, an update that introduced version 2.0 of Jumptown and Steel variant of the Drake Cutlass transport spaceship.

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