Star Citizen Squadron 42 Will Not Be Released Until 2024: Cloud Imperium Already Thinks Of Sequels

The doubts of the community fuelled by the absence of Squadron 42 by the CitizenCon 2951 by Star Citizen push the COO of Cloud Imperium Games, Carl Jones, to provide a clarification on the fate and timing of the campaign

Cloud Imperium’s exponent entrusted his thoughts to MCV/Develop journalists to answer, albeit indirectly, the questions posed by the community eager to receive an update on the development of Squadron 42.

At MCV microphones, Jones candidly admitted the difficulties experienced by Cloud Imperium in shaping the singleplayer component of this ambitious space work and argued that many of the development problems of Squadron 42 will be solved shortly with A further acceleration to the project, says COO, will be given by the move of the boss of Cloud Imperium Games, Chris Roberts, from Los Angeles to the UK.

As for the efforts to complete the development of Squadron 42, Jones offers an estimate of the time needed to finalize the work on Star Citizen’s singleplayer experience: “I guess we’ll see how much time is missing once Chris Roberts finishes the But yes, to finish Squadron 42 may take one or two more years. Chris will spend more time here with the team that is developing Squadron 42 and with the other groups, but everything will happen gradually from this year. It is hoped that in doing so we will be able to advance the development of Squadron 42 to complete it faster. We want that experience to be completed, but as they say ‘it will come out when it is ready'”.”

Again according to Jones, the intention of Cloud Imperium Games is to complete the work on Star Citizen Squadron 42 and then to deal with what COO defines as “sequel” of single experience

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