Star Atlas: The Sci-Fi Metaverse With Nft Surprises In The Teaser On Unreal Engine 5

The emerging blockchain-based video game phenomenon pushes Star Atlas developers to reappear on social media to showcase the great graphic potential of their new sci-fi MMO with a teaser on Unreal Engine 5.

The ambitious space MMO of Singapore’s software house promises to immerse itself in a dynamic Metaverse with lots of activities to be performed and an infinite number of planets, satellites and orbiting stations to explore.

With a free roaming map of the size of an entire galaxy, the title will use the latest blockchain technologies to propose a decentralised and autonomously re-sale-oriented economy of spaceships, packages of fan-made expansions, armor and personal

The heart of the experience prepared by the authors of Star Atlas, of course, will be represented by the challenges to be completed and the numerous missions to be carried out by traveling to the boundaries of the known space of a human civilization of the future now in contact with other hyper

According to its developers, Star Atlas will boast an extremely evolved graphics section, thanks to the use of the Nanite technology of Unreal Engine 5 and all the other more advanced features of the Epic Games graphics engine: the tokens do not run We’ll see.

While waiting for more information on Star Atlas launch times, please read our special on the graphic potential of Unreal Engine 5.

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