Star Atlas On Unreal Engine 5 Is’star’ In The Teaser Gameplay On Spaceships

As Star Atlas’ NFT spaceships steal the development of the Sci-Fi Metaverse proceeds shipped, as the independent software house of the same name testifies by packaging a teaser trailer showing the exceptional graphic level reached by the

The Star Atlas project, one of the most promising among those who are interested in the emerging phenomenon of blockchain-based video games, aims at hyperrealism with the help of powerful development tools integrated in the latest version of Uno. Each inhabitant of this Metaverse NFT will be able to buy, resell and trade in non-fumable tokens represented by packages of fan made expansions, armor, customizations for pilots and, indeed, spaceships, all through a decentralized economy

Net of (although important) blockchain features, Singapore developers claim that Star Atlas will be an extremely content-rich video game, with numerous activities to be completed by visiting freely every single star system not yet tracked or already colonized The flame-retardant Unreal Engine 5 of Epic Games will further elevate the graphics sector, thanks to which you can immerse yourself in a virtually infinite sci-fi dimension.

The launch of Star Atlas should take place during 2022: in the meantime, we invite you to read our special on video games with blockchain, NFT and Metaversi and the special to find out how Star Atlas works.

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