Star Atlas, Gaming And Nft In Unreal Engine 5: Here’s How It Works And What To Expect

The start of the new year is seeing with increasing strength a trend gradually grown in 2021: the mix between gaming, blockchain and NFT market.

With considerable frequency, new development teams are presenting titles that are based on play-to-earn mechanisms. Among the latter, the Star Atlas announcement attracted particular attention, especially because of the scope of the project and the intention to exploit the Unreal Engine 5 to give it life. Based in Singapore, the software house at work on Star Atlas has in particular promised the creation of an MMO with a ski-fi atmosphere, in which a real galaxy can be found to explore freely, through ships literally

Like many other similar projects, space adventure includes an articulated in-game economy, which has taken its first steps just recently. With the launch of 2022, sales for virtual aircraft have opened, with Star Atlas spaceships being quickly exhausted. To shed light on the characteristics, risks and potential of such a project, our Editorial Staff has created a rich dedicated special, which you can also enjoy in video format. As always, you can find the movie in the opening of news, as well as on the YouTube Channel of Everyeye.

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