Star Atlas: Developers Provide Details About Nft-Based Mmo Factions

After presenting the spaceships made in Unreal Engine 5 via a teaser trailer, Star Atlas developers released a new document containing new details about the ambitious NFT-based Metaverse Sci-Fi and b

The recently published Faction Aligned Companies document further explores the functioning of the Galactic Economy that the player can manage. Three main factions and four minor factions are outlined, and each of them reveals advantages and disadvantages. The areas at medium risk and the safe ones are dominated by the factions MUD, ONI and USTUR COP. The main shipbuilders, having started the trade in these areas, have established business alignments through the Council of Peace (COP).

The importance of the reputation a faction can gain towards a given producer is also discussed: the more loyalty it earns, the more the projects of the ships to which it will be possible to access.

In the previous Roadmap Report, the team also revealed further details about an in-game module being developed with the codename CREAM (Crafting Recipes Enabled After Mining), able to trigger an economy in

To learn more about the operation of the NFT-based Sci-Fi Metaverse and blockchain, please consult our Star Atlas-based in-depth study.

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