Stalker 2 Will Receive Multiplayer Mode For Free With Post-Launch Updates

After giving us a new series of images dedicated to STALKER 2, the boys of the GC Game World have confirmed that the shooter expected on Windows PC and Xbox console will be enriched post-launch with multiplayer modes

Users who are interested in the promising post-apocalyptic shooter will be happy to know that multiplayer content will be distributed free of charge by the development team, through updates that will arrive after the official launch.

GC Game World has confirmed Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes to Teams will be introduced through updates, but has not said ready to discuss the additional content expected for post-launch support. Thanks to its open world structure, STALKER 2 should offer users a vast experience to dive into, but those who are not sufficiently satisfied with the campaign can dive into additional multiplayer modes. Developers have assured that STALKER 2 will be a long-term game and fully next-gen.

We remind you that STALKER 2 Heart of Chernobyl will be available on PC Windows 10 and exclusively consoles on Xbox Series X Plus from April 28, 2022. To find out everything about what is waiting for you in the contaminated area, we refer you to our Stalker 2 Preview.

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