Square Enix: Will The New Games Contain Nft? The Opinion Of Yoshinori Kitase And Yosuke Saito

Following previous statements by Square Enix executives on interest in NFT and blockchain, NieR Yosuke Saito’s series producer and Final Fantasy Yoshinori Kitase’s development manager have been involved in the development of the new product.

In an interview with Famitsu, the two representatives of the Japanese gaming giant shared their “good proposals for 2022” and, in discussing the prospects open to blockchain technologies applied to the digital entertainment industry, they also agreed to take part in the conference on the future of the European

According to Yoshinori Kitase, in fact, “it will be interesting to see the evolution of these new technologies like NFTs and Metaversi.” If the historical manager of Final Fantasy avoids imbalance, the producer of NieR Yosuke Saito prefers to avoid word spins and explain that “I am very interested in content and games related to NFTs. I’m sure something new always starts if you’re approaching a new technology, so I’d like to try something new about NFTs. But we have many other projects and announcements in place, so I really think we will have to wait.”

In recent days, Saito himself has joked with Yoko Taro about the end of the NieR series sharing a message of end of year addressed to all fans of the adventure roleplay.

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