Square Enix, Nft Family As Physical Assets: The President’s End-Of-Year Message

It seems that everyone in Square Enix agrees that the NFT (non-fungible token) is an important component of the future evolution of video games. After Yoshinori Kitase and Yosuke Saito’s words, President Yosuke Matsuda also spoke about the subject, showing a lot of interest and pointing out an important problem.

In the year-end message entrusted to the official website of Square Enix, Matsuda described 2021 not only as “Metaverse: Year 1,” but also as “NFT: Year 1,” since it was “a year when the NFTs were

According to the President, over time, the NFTs will be considered as physical assets, provided that the entire economic system supporting them is calibrated to perfection. “We have seen some examples of NFT exchanges with somewhat speculative nuances, with prices well above the value of the content provided. This is clearly not an ideal situation, but I expect the prices of digital goods to be reduced as they become more common, with sales values being equal to their estimated value, and I think that the NFTs will become familiar as the exchange of physical goods.”

I mean, according to Matsuda, the NFTs are here to stay, although their market still needs some adjustment. The opinion of Josef Fares, a fresh winner of the Game of the Year Award for Game Awards for It Takes Two, has been quite different, and has criticized the NFTs.

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