Square-Enix Mentions The Future Of Final Fantasy Ix: Remake In Sight For Jrpg?

Taking advantage of his debut on PlayStation Now, Square-Enix retraces the development of Final Fantasy IX and performs an excursus that tells us some background on the development of the legendary JRPG originally published in

“From the beginning, Sakaguchi pointed out that he wanted Final Fantasy IX to be a return to our roots,” said Kazuhiro Aoki, designer at Square-Enix. “Final Fantasy VII and VIII were set in science fiction-inspired worlds and we wanted to go back to the fantasy style set in previous games.

Perhaps the biggest problems we encountered during the final Fantasy IX were due to the data limits. Working on the original PlayStation, we were bound by the amount of data we could put into a CD-ROM, and even with four disks we were right at the limit of memory. Towards the end of the development, we calculated the data on each of the disks every single day. If we had ended up crossing the threshold, we would have to change the way the story was divided between the various records.”

It was revealed that some cuts were equally necessary (for example, four battles were initially planned for each of the sanctuaries that the characters visit at some point in the adventure, then reduced to only one), and that the development team had three months It was, in short, a rather challenging title to complete.

At the end of his speech, Aoki doesn’t fail to mention the future of Final Fantasy IX: “If you’re playing Final Fantasy IX for the first time on PlayStation Now and you find it funny, I’d be Words that seem subtly to be related to Final Fantasy IX Remake reported in GeForce Now database. Of course, it could also be a harmless invitation to fans who still enjoy creating fan-made content dedicated to JRPG. To discover the truth, we have to wait for any surprises from the publisher.

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