Splinterlands: The Nft-Based Card Game That Challenges Hearthstone And Magic

Among the first to exploit blockchain technology and offer revenue opportunities through the sale of NFT, Splinterlands is among the most famous and played titles of the moment. Let’s find out together.

Splinterlands is a free-to-play collectible card game available on desktop PCs and mobile devices iOS and Android. Based on blockchain technology, it presents a gameplay conceptually similar to Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, inviting players to build a collection of cards with different statistics and skills to use in battle against other users. The game system is based mainly on preparation: you have to select an Invoke, build your own army and then observe the battle, during which no control is provided.

Thanks to blockchain technology, Spliterlands offers players the opportunity to buy, sell and freely exchange their digital assets, as if they were physical cards. All transactions are recorded publicly and in an immutable form and in a database that cannot be falsified, verifiable independently at any time. This means that in the context of Splinterlands everyone can know exactly how many cards of all kinds exist, how many will exist and verify the historical records for each of them.

The game is free-to-play: all players have access to the use of a basic set to play, but to get the valuable rewards (the in-game currency and the best cards) and be able to earn thanks to the purchase you need Only thanks to it you can earn cards through battles and buy packages (Booster Pack) at the price of $2. Each package includes five randomly selected cards, with at least one Rare quality card guaranteed. The more packages you buy, the more you can find powerful Epic and Legendary cards. In addition, you can also purchase individual cards directly from other players in the Market.

Did the game intrigue you? Then deepen his knowledge by going to the official website of Splinterlands.

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