Splinter Cell: Ubisoft Registers The Brand, Is There News Coming?

For some time now we have been talking about the possible return of Splinter Cell but to date no confirmation has arrived from Ubisoft, however it seems that something is moving in this direction, with the French publisher who has registered a brand related to the series.

On 6 December last Ubisoft registered the Splinter Cell brand under the category “Entertainment Services” which includes not only video games but also other forms of entertainment such as cinema, TV series, animation products and even amusement parks, as well as mobile applications

This does not mean that a new Splinter Cell is in development but the fact that Ubisoft still wants to protect and expand the brand is definitely a positive note for those who have been waiting for years for the return of Splinter Cell.

According to the leader Tom Henderson Splinter Cell will become an Open World game about Halo Infinite style, the project would be in the very early stages of development and a launch seems to be still far away in time, however the French house has not forgotten Sam Fisher and

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