Splinter Cell Remake Will Not Be Open World, But Faithful To The Original

Like a clear skies lightning, Ubisoft Toronto announced this afternoon that it has started the development of Splinter Cell’s remake. The game will be rebuilt entirely from scratch with the help of the Snowdrop Engine, a graphic engine of The Division that will also move Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora in the future.

In these years, numerous rumors have been moved on a new Splinter Cell game. The last, dating back to just seven days ago, suggested an open world turn that, to the delight of fans of the first chapter, will not actually happen.

In the post of Splinter Cell Remake’s announcement, producer Matt West immediately took care to deny the implementation of the open world in a game born as a linear experience. Specifically, he said: “Although we are in the very first stages of development, we are trying to maintain the spirit of the first games in the series, in each of the components that have given Splinter Cell its identity. For this reason, while we reconstruct it from scratch, we will improve it visually and update the design elements to reflect the expectations of the video players, also keep it linear as the original games, we will not make it open world”

Historical fans can then sleep peacefully, however they will have to arm themselves with a healthy dose of patience, since the development of Splinter Cell Remake for new generation devices is still at the beginning.

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