Splinter Cell Becomes Open-World: In The Footsteps Of Halo Infinite And Ac, Tom Henderson Speaks

In October, the hypothesis of a possible new Splinter Cell game was brought back to the fore, following a report published by VGC’s editorial staff.

Now, another source seems to support Sam Fisher’s future return to action. We are talking about Tom Henderson, now known insider who in recent years has often anticipated information then proved correct. During 2021, in particular, Henderson revealed a lot of details about the new chapter of the Battlefield series, which was then actually consistent with what he saw in Battlefield 2042.

By temporarily abandoning the Electronic Arts forges, the insider now enters the meandering of Ubisoft’s studies, claiming to be certain of the existence of a new Splinter Cell. The latter, however, would be ready to welcome an open-world turn, in a manner similar to that achieved by 343 Industries with the new Halo: Infinite. A choice that should not compromise the soul of the series, with the next Splinter Cell that – always according to Henderson – should prove more stealth than the last Assassin’s Creed.

In the twitter you find at the bottom, the insider claims that the new Splinter Cell would be in the early stages of development, while it does not offer indications on a possible output window. At the moment, of course, we are talking about a simple rumor: to learn more, you will have to wait for any confirmations from Ubisoft.

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