Spider-Man: All The Apparitions Of The Left Six In Spider-Man Video Games

With Spider-Man No Way Home on the way, the third chapter of the film saga dedicated to the Tessiragnatele of Tom Holland could introduce a narrative thread that has remained almost exclusively linked to the comic universe.

The past apparitions of Vulture, Mysterio and the already vocalized, and now confirmed with the official poster of Spider-Man No Way Home, Doc Ock, Goblin and Electro have, in fact, attracted attention But did you know that our dear band of super villains has already made their great appearance in the video gaming universe?

Let’s take a little step back. The group was originally founded in 1964, when the first annual volume of The Amazing Spider-Man was released. Here we see the aforementioned Dr Octavius gather under his guidance some of the most notorious opponents of Peter Parker: the Vulture, the Sandman, Mysterio, Electro and Kraven. Only later was Goblin even included, but it almost always preferred to operate independently. Even further, the group expanded considerably, inserting characters of the caliber of Venom, Scorpion, Hammerhead, Lizard and Rhino. Their goal, of easy intuition, was to eliminate Spider-Man at all costs.

Despite the various villain mentioned above participated in many video games individually, their first appearance as a group took place in 1992 in one of the most unsuccessful titles on the Climbing Climbs ever. We’re talking about Spider-Man Return of the Sinister Six. It was a horizontal-scrolling NES video game, where the player was dressed as Spider-Man and had to move along six levels, facing the Six Lefts one by one, gaining energy at each battle won and without However, the game failed to do justice to the enemy archigns of the Spider-Man. In 2018, more than fifty years after their formation, the Six Sinistri officially returned to PlayStation 4, with Marvels Spider-Man, a product that was able to warm up the hearts of fans,

In history we wear the shoes of an adult Peter Parker, struggling with rent, volunteering and his exhausting masked vigilante hobby. In Peter’s agenda, already saturated, there is still room to be dedicated to his mentor and former teacher Otto Octavius. The scientist, however, has long suffered from a degenerative disease and is using all his energies in the construction of an artificial arm, aware that, in the not too distant future, it will be the only tool that will allow him mobility.

And while Spider-Man is distancing himself between some mysterious terrorist attacks, carried out by a group of outlaws called Demons, the disease that struck Otto is advancing unstoppable, accelerated also by the malfunctioning of the mechanical arm connected to the Soon the demeanor of the docile inventor changes dramatically and the change of his personality follows also that of his actions. Doc Ock begins to get a little dizzy in the madness. Meanwhile, in New York, the ground begins to shake under our feet, and the cobwebs, of our hero. The Climbing must now stop the sudden advance of some of its most fearsome historical enemies: it is the turn of Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino, Electro and Mr Negative, head of the Demons and former colleague The five seem to follow the orders of a sixth member, whose identity we will discover only later. We’re obviously talking about Dr. Octopus. He is the leader, the commander and the mind behind every action of the Six Lefts.

The greatest merit to be attributed to the Spider-Man of Insomniac is certainly the ability to distribute well throughout its history countless characters of thickness, among Sinistri Six, secondary villain and collaborators of Spider-Man, without At the aesthetic level, we find opponents with a different and evolved design compared to that of comics, yet always consistent with that of comics tradition.

And so Doc Ock will wear a simple greenish suit and a pair of dark glasses to cover his eyes, clear reference to the design of his historic paper version. Rhino, Scorpion and Vulture also pay tribute to their cartoon representation, however the aesthetic that distinguishes them no longer refers to the fabric suits, replaced on this occasion by decidedly more current mechanical armor. Electro, on the other hand, hangs the green tights on the nail, to dress much more aggressive clothes. We see it wearing a black leather jacket full of metal studs, dark jeans with various straps and a yellow shirt as a chromatic call to the electric discharges emitted by his hands.

Finally we have Mr. Negative, who when manifested in his evil form, wears a white, simple, elegant tuxedo and his whole body assumes clearly inverted colors compared to those of his alter ego Martin Li. One of the most evocative and emotional game sequences is surely the vivid illusion dream experienced by Spider-man, caused by the poison injected by Scorpion. In a distorted and clouded New York, the Climbing must use all its forces to arrive from its opponent, who will always be too distant and evanescent to be concretely reached. Every boss fight, in short, is unique and peculiar, never repetitive or similar to the previous ones.

We will face Vulture and Electro in a power plant, and while one will try to hit us with powerful lightning discharges, and the other will always be ready to overwhelm us whenever we fly. The Rhino massif will be flanked by Scorpion, in a battle on the ground, based on a game of forces, dodged and reflexes.

Martin Li will have a fight entirely dedicated to his character. We will meet him individually in several parts of the game, in which he will use his ‘negative’ powers to subdue the minds of people making them slaves. Then we will have the opportunity to fight him in a final duel, in which we will have to take away the vials of antidote for the cure of the Devil’s Breath. And finally we will arrive at him, the leader, the mentor of Spider-Man, now in the role of his worst enemy. In this regard, we provide you with a little curiosity. Insomniac’s CEO, Ted Price, revealed that the original idea of developers was to make a large-scale final fight against Doc Ock. In fact, the boss fight against Doctor Octavius was to take place around New York City and cause the destruction of most of the city.

During the realization of this ambitious portion of the title, however, developers realized that not only would it be too challenging, but also that it would add nothing actually substantial to the relationship between Peter Parker and his mentor. The team opted for a spectacular but more intimate and content combat. In addition, Insomniac Games avoided crunch sessions that would certainly put pressure on developers.

With the fall of Octavius, the Six Sinisters are, for now, defeated. But a strong threat lies on the horizon. With the scene after the video game’s tail titles, and the recent trailer of Marvel Spider-man 2, released in 2023, we are given two important clues about the future of the gameverse and, in particular, a second formation As we know, Harry Osborn is not dead, but he is locked in a capsule, in the balance between life and death. His father is experiencing a cure for the disease the boy is affected by and it seems that the only way to save his life is, even if for now only on a speculative level, to combine it with a symbiont.

Randomism, however, wants that in the first teaser trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Venom will appear, with his left smile, decided to collaborate with what we intuitioned to be Kraven the hunter. Let us remember again that, in the comic book history, one of the original members of the Six Sinisters was Kraven, a pseudonym of Sergei Kravinoff, a man who possesses the strength of an elephant, the agility of a leop It is no coincidence that Kraven was hired by Camaleonte, a member of the second formation of the Six Left, to defeat Spider-Man. It will be precisely as a result of this mission that the hunter will develop a strong obsession with Tessiragnatele, considering him his only worthy rival.

The future of the spider is still uncertain, but more than a few clues, we are moved to believe that the direction is oriented towards a deeper exploration of this narrative arc of which we know still very little. While waiting for the new Spider-Man No Way Home trailer to fill up some of our doubts, we pass the word to you. Did you know the story of Six Lefties? And most importantly, would you like to see them again in both the cinema and the video gaming universe?

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