Spartacus Challenge Xbox Game Pass? For Schreier There Will Be No Sony Games At Day One

After relaunching the amazing news of the noise that came in 2022 of the PlayStation Spartacus subscription with the merger of Plus and Now, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier reflected on the possible day one port of the exclusive PS4

Taking inspiration from the information obtained from its sources, Schreier believes that the strategy pursued by the Japanese technological giant is based only partially on the vision outlined by Microsoft with Xbox Game Pass: the “pomo della discordia” for the editor of B But there’s more.

Jason Schreier also said that “this new service, scheduled for its launch in the spring, will probably keep the brand ‘PlayStation Plus’. Don’t expect Sony to include her great first parties in the service since Day One as it happens with Xbox Game Pass. The most concrete prospects are those of a content offering stronger than that currently proposed by PlayStation Now.”

The Bloomberg report mentions the possible introduction by Sony of a video game service with three types of subscriptions marked by increasing bonuses (and prices): the first Tier should include the benefits of the current PS Plus, by, The third level of subscription should include extended demos, access to PS Now’s cloud gaming and a wide library of classic games for PS1, PS2, PlayStation 3 and PSP. In none of the Tiers prefigured by Bloomberg journalists, therefore, there would seem to be room for the eventual arrival of the new PlayStation Plus Spartacus subscription of kolossal PS4 and PS5 such as Horizon Forbidden West

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