Space Crypto Coming Up: The Sci-Fi Shooter With Nft, Metaverso And Blockchain

With 2021, the phenomenon of the NFTs has literally exploded, the initials of which are the now famous “Non-Fungible-Tokens,” intangible assets identified by encryption.

An unstable trend in which the universe of the video game is also making way, with productions that aim to exploit the union between cryptocurrencies, NFT and – more recently – Metaverso, to give life to video games experiences Among the most recent entries in the sector, Space Crypto, a shooter with a sci-fi setting, has now responded to the appeal and aims to find space in this new and unpredictable market.

Using the platforms “Binance Smart Chain” and “Solana,” the title promises investments with high returns, to be realized within its Metaverse. All this, while they are dressed in the shoes of an undefined Space Guardian, engaged in a war to counter equally generic “evil bosses.” In the context of this activity, Space Crypto will allow to create NFT, which will be nothing more than its own spacecraft and space bases. Both can be purchased in-game through cryptocurrency transactions.

As for the game’s debut, Space Crypto is expected on mobile devices, both Android and iOS, as well as on PC, with the possibility to use it exclusively via browsers. The title aims to fit into an increasingly wide “niche” of productions, among which we can mention the new IP of Molyneux: at the debut of the first auction, in fact, Legacy attracted 45 million euros of investments.

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