South Park: A New Multiplayer Game Is Developing

Just as anticipated in the Bloomberg report, it seems that South Park’s franchise is preparing to return to the gaming world after the success of South Park and The Truth Stick and South Park Contests Di-R

To confirm this is the work announcement published by Question, an independent development company known for having realized The Blackout Club and some experimental titles with first person view. The small details of the project related to the South Park name are included in the announcement for a level designer who can join the development team.

In order to accept your request, you must have already gained experience with multiplayer games. It is therefore self-evident that the new South Park game will offer multiplayer features, although it is unclear whether it is only referred to the online game or whether the local game will be present.

There is no further information on this at the moment, and we are curious to know what it will be about specifically. The Bloomberg report, which spoke of an agreement of more than $900 million between Trey Parker and Matt Stone with the multinational ViacomCBS Inc., cited the existence of a game of South Park 3D developing, but

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