Sorare: How Does The Game That Combines Fanta Calcio, Nft And Crypto World Work?

Sorare is an online football game that aims to re-elaborate the rules and managerial aspects of Fantacalcio, also benefiting from blockchain technology, apparently destined to get deeper and deeper into the paradigms of the video industry

Born in 2018, the Sorare startup created a management football game where more than 600,000 users can collect the cards of their favorite players and deploy their own training to compete in different online tournaments. Each team sends a total of five players (a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, a striker, and a final footballer of movement at their choice) and the results are decreed according to the actual performance of the athletes.

The method by which players’ cards are placed in roses vaguely reminds the system adopted by EA with FIFA Ultimate Team. At the beginning of each online season, different types of “figures” are created: 1000 Limited cards, 100 Rare cards, 10 Super Rare cards and a single Unique card. These circulate within the marketplace where participants can exchange and buy players. Purchases are made via ETH, the second virtual currency for Market Cap after BTC, while the cards are paid in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) and for this reason they can also be sold. The value of the players is decreed by the users and to put a sign of the real business it is good to keep an eye on even any market fluctuations of ETH. In addition to selling their players, users can earn Ether even by winning the competitions they participate in. For more information and to start playing we refer you to the official website of Sorare.

Recently, more and more companies are approaching the prospect of implementing blockchain technologies to enrich gaming experiences. In recent days even the president of Square-Enix has said he is very interested in NFT and their possible use in the next titles of the Japanese company.

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