Sony’s Thinking Of A Playstation Smartphone Controller

Over the past few hours, a new Sony patent has been discovered describing what seems to be a PlayStation-branded control system for mobile devices.

The system described and shown in the Japanese documentation speaks of “a left handle and a right handle gripped by the user’s left and right hands.” The image, which you can see in the preview of this news, shows two handles clearly shaped on the basis of Dualshock 4, rather than the latest DualSense of PS5. The text also refers to a sensor that detects the inclination of the controller.

Such systems are already on the market, and Sony is obviously seriously considering entering this market. A proprietary controller could be coupled with the use of PlayStation games in Remote Play or via Cloud, similar to what already happens with streaming titles included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and usable via third-party controllers. It will be interesting to find out what Sony intends to do in the future, since he has not yet announced anything about it and the history is rich in patents that have never materialized in reality.

This is not the only Sony patent that emerged these days: a document we already talked about yesterday anticipates a series of improvements to the PS5 user interface.

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