Sony Working On A 3D Scanner That Allows You To Recreate Real Objects In Video Games

Sony’s movements at the patent office always generate a lot of interest, since they represent a real window on the future, although many of the registered projects are not destined to be realized in reality.

A few days after the presentation of PlayStation VR2, which took place during the CES 2022 in Las Vegas, a new patent was launched designed for Virtual Reality. The document is dated 23 June 2021, but some problems detected by the patent office have led to a slippage of the approval process. The technology designed by Sony’s engineers allows you to scan real-world objects to play them in a virtual reality video game, thus creating an interactive VR environment. The diagram attached to the document, which you can see at the bottom of this news, shows for example the reproduction of a lamp inside the video game: the process, in any case, to be completed requires a 360° scanner. It is not enough to photograph the object, you have to frame it from all sides. Technology is undoubtedly interesting and can inspire a wide variety of applications: who knows if it will ever become a reality!

Recently, the Japanese giant filed patents for a new PlayStation mobile controller, a technology for enhancing PlayStation Now streaming, and an upscale system similar to NVIDIA DLSS. Among those who have “realized” are the patent for the PlayStation 5 covers (which will be launched this month) and a project for the improvement of the Tournament function (officially announced by Jim Ryan at CES 2022).

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