Sony Loses 20 Billion On The Stock Market After Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Activison

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision also affected the stock market, if it is true that Redmond’s home earned a +28% after the announcement, things did not go as well for Sony’s direct competitor.

Sony Corporation lost 13% of market value at the end of the trading day, which was about $20 billion. This is the biggest drop ever recorded by the company since 2008 to date, a sign of how analysts are very careful about market moves among the main competitors of the video games and entertainment industry.

The Activision title on Wall Street grew by 25.88% at the end of the same day, growing compared to the previous day, obviously thanks to the announcement of the acquisition by the American giant. This is a positive day for the two parties mentioned, who are looking with great optimism at the future.

Clearly, however important these movements should not worry us too much, considering also the remarkable fluctuations of the stock market, however the data must be taken as an indication of the great interests that companies like Microsoft and Sony manage to move, occupying various sectors of the market and being reality

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