Sony Bend Between The Reboot Of Syphon Filter, Days Gone 2 And Resistance Open World

Jeff Ross and John Garvin, former Sony Bend Studio Director and Game Director of Days Gone respectively, were interviewed by David Jaffe in the new episode of his podcast and on this occasion there was talk of many topics between

Ross left the studio in 2020 and therefore does not know what happened after his farewell, so he can only talk about what happened only during his presence as director and producer of Sony Bend. As for Syphon Filter, Sony has actually proposed a reboot to the Oregon study but the project has never materialized because in fact no one knew how to start from scratch, without any concrete idea it was decided to abandon every plan for the king

Ross and Garvin were very little interested in working on Syphon Filter while they proposed a concept for an Open World Resistance game (Bend Studio knows this universe having developed Resistance Retribution for PSP in the past) but

With Syphon Filter out of the game, Resistance Open World unattractive and Days Gone 2 flunked by Sony’s top, Bend Studio started working on a new IP not yet announced. During the podcast it is specified that the more than eight million copies sold by Days Gone are only a guess of Ross himself as he has not had access to this type of data for a long time. It seems that CD Projekt RED was also interested in acquiring Days Gone IP but Sony owns intellectual property and does not seem willing to give it to other companies or sign licensing contracts.

Days Gone 2 as reiterated several times existed only in concept phase and in fact never entered production, the publisher did not give green light to this project, clearly this does not mean that the game cannot see the light in the future even if it currently seems

Finally, the final point is clarified regarding the state of Bend Studio, the team has never become a satellite studio of Naughty Dog, simply Sony Bend members helped Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch in friendship for a while In closing, Ross thanks Sony and says he doesn’t mind the little arrows launched on social networks, within the company he has always had the creative freedom necessary to carry out his projects receiving the maximum personal and professional support, defining the PlayStation Studio family

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