Sony After God Of War: Ps5 And Ps4 Games At Day One On Pc? Speak Well Known Analyst

The remarkable success of the Steam version of God of War has put on the table of the video-gaming debate the possibility that Sony can decide in the near future a further opening up to the PC market.

From Days Gone to Horizon: Zero Dawn, over the last few years, PlayStation Studios’ exclusive daughters have crossed the boundaries of the console world. Next, the Uncharted collection: The Thiefs’ Inheritance will also find space on PC. In this context, even in light of the increasing pressure of Sony’s internal teams, is it possible that future PS4 and PS5 exclusives can also land on PCs from Day One?

A theme certainly intriguing, on which the well-known videogaming analyst Benji Sales has recently expressed himself. From the pages of his Twitter account, the latter ruled out that such a possibility could involve the great Sony brand narrative adventures that were planned in the life span of PlayStation 5. However, the analyst continues, it is possible that the Japanese company can progressively decide to reduce the time window for the publication of its PC porting. The latter, Benji Sales suggests, could, for example, be reduced to just one year.

Different fate could be the result of the great multiplayer productions signed by PlayStation Studios. For multiplayer titles, the viewer continues, publishers tend to look for the widest possible audience base since Day One. In this light, Benji Sales believes that the real test bench will be represented by the factions mode of The Last of Us: Part II, still unveiled by Naughty Dog. Sony’s attitude towards Ellie’s epic multiplayer, he concludes, could indicate the path to the near future of the relationship between PlayStation Studios and PC world.

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