Sons Of The Forest, New Images: Survival Horror Sled To 2022

Endnight Games’ development team revisits on social media to show new images of Sons of the Forest and, above all, to announce the shift to the next year of the release on PC and consoles of their ambitious survival horror

In the message confirming the failure to arrive at the sequel to The Forest in the time window originally indicated by Endnight, independent authors explain that “we were hoping to get the game out this year but we need more time to complete the development of Sons of the Forest

Endnight’s kids promise to publish a new video gameplay within the next few weeks: the small appetizer that is offered to us by the Canadian software house with the image gallery at the bottom of the news allows us to get into the haunted jungle of

The new game trailer, in all probability, will offer us some additional ideas for reflection on sandbox experience and survival dynamics focused on the acquisition of resources and materials to be used to build your outpost and weapons with which to protect yourself from

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