Sonic: Video Gameplay Shows Demo Of A Mobile Game Discarded By Sega

With Sonic Frotniers scheduled for 2022, SEGA is preparing to relaunch its beloved blue porcupine in style, but it seems that the Japanese publisher had in the past thought to extend his franchise with a title expected

The Nitrome guys were the ones who revealed it, which you might know for Shovel Knight DIG or for his Flash games for web browsers. Through a post published on its Twitter profile, the study revealed that it had presented a demo at SEGA where it showed the results that could be obtained through this mobile device project.

The gameplay would be structured very easily, since you are talking about an endless runner with need to click one button to accompany our blue porcupine fast. To make it more dynamic, developers had thought of implementing the wall running (as shown in the footage below), a mechanics that would then be reused on Super Leap Day.

Nitrome seems pretty sure of the intrinsic potential of the project, so much so that with a second post it has publicly contacted SEGA renewing the poor willingness to get back to work on the mobile game. I wonder if the Japanese publisher doesn’t come back to his steps, especially by observing how positive the feedback of the players who have seen the demo was. What do you think?

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