Sonic The Hedgehog Arrives On Commodore 64 With An Unofficial But Spectacular Porting

Sonic The Hedgehog is one of the SEGA symbol games, released in 1991 on Mega Drive and the following year on Master System and Game Gear, the game certainly does not need presentations since we talk about one of the best-selling titles

As mentioned in the opening, there were 8-bit versions of Sonic The Hedgehog certainly less fast than the original game for Mega Drive and more focused on platformer stages than on race at all costs. Perhaps not satisfied with the Master System and Game Gear versions, someone decided to create a porting of Sonic The Hedgehog for Commodore 64 and Commodore 128.

The video leaves no room for doubt about the quality of the work done, we remember that we talk about an absolutely unofficial conversion and made by a group of Sonic fans to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the porcupine. To play, 256 KB memory expansion is required if you use a Commodore 64/128 or The C64 Mini/Maxi, the game is obviously also compatible with any Commodore emulator.

The ROM was distributed free of charge by developers, but it is a work that violates the copyrights of SEGA and therefore we do not know whether Sonic’s house will intervene legally or with a request for withdrawal of the published file.

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