Sold-Out: Ps5 For Sale On Gamestop Website, Console No Longer Available – Updated

Update: The PS5 went old-out very quickly as expected and at the time we write there are no consoles available for purchase on the GameStop site.

As promised, GameStop started a new sale of PS5, when we write the console is available on the dealer’s website, ready to be purchased only and exclusively online.

Connect to the website to buy the PS5, at the end of the queue you will be redirected to the product page and you can complete your purchase, try to be fast otherwise you may not be able to buy the console, the sold-out

Remember that in order to make purchases on the GameStop website you will have to be registered to the GS+ loyalty program, online purchase on eCommerce is in fact reserved for subscribers. We do not know when more drop will be available at the moment, so this is one of the first chances of the year to try to buy the PlayStation 5. Keep your credit card and login details at your fingertips so you can quickly make your payment on the site.

GameStop usually offers quite frequent drop, usually on a weekly or weekly basis depending on the availability of the moment, keep an eye on the company’s social profiles to stay up to date on new stocks and scheduled launches, even if in some cases drop might take place

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