Skyrim’s Aela Hunter In A Realistic And Accurate Cosplay Of Jannet

The adventures that you can live in the world of Skyrim are many. The fifth title of the Saga of The Elder Scrolls takes us to the northernmost lands of Tamriel, to Skyrim, a land torn apart by civil wars and dragons that the player can stop. But during his travels he may decide to take care of much more.

As in previous iterations of the series, here too there are organizations paid into a particular type of work. There are no such things as the Witch Guild or the Warrior Guild, but instead there are the Winterhold Academy and the Companions, who respectively replace the entities seen in Oblivion. In the Companions, among the strongest, we find the hunter Aela, a werewolf woman particularly poured into the hunt and archery.

Jannet decided to jump into the wildlands of Skyrim to play Aela the hunter in a really well-made cosplay. The Russian model has really integrated herself into the role, showing herself on horseback in bare plains or in a tavern intent on eating with greed and arrogance, almost like a warrior of medieval times. And obviously there is a pose with shield and spear, with Aela ready for combat.

Many photos available at the bottom, while other photos show a cosplay of Namira. And despite the changes made to Skyrim Anniversary Edition, Aela is always present in the game.

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