Skyrim In Borderlands Style? Design Twisted With The Latest Cel-Shading Mods

The amateur developer known as Kanjs has published numerous free texture packages that upset the graphics of TES V Skyrim to make it adhere to the aesthetic canons of the Borderlands series.

To give users maximum freedom of choice, the author of this project has divided the mod into several packages that, installed individually, allow the emuli of the Blood of Dragon to infuse the style of Borderlands into the textures of weapons, bows

Each of the additional packages can be downloaded free of charge on NexusMods pages: at the top and bottom of the news you will find an explanatory video and images showing the new cel-shading aspect of Skyrim’s settings once According to its author, the use of 1K version of the textures in each of its mods should lead to an increase in quantifiable performance between 10 and 20fps, based on the ingame context and its hardware configuration.

All graphic packages are compatible with the PC version of Skyrim Special Edition and the latest Skyrim Anniversary Edition, available from November 11 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Elder Scrolls 5, the masterpiece

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