Skyrim Celebrates 10 Years With The Anniversary Edition, A Free Concert And Dlc For Skyrim Se

Bethesda’s boys celebrate the tenth birthday of Dragon’s Blood with the launch of Skyrim Anniversary Edition, a concert and many DLCs as gifts for those who already own the Special Edition of the masterpiece

The US software house linked to Xbox Game Studios is accompanying the release of Skyrim Anniversary Edition on PC, PlayStation and Xbox with a rich gallery of images and an invitation, extended to all of Dovah’s emuli

In the setting of Alexandria Palace’s historic theatre, the London Symphonic Orchestra and the London Voices will bring us to life the atmosphere and music of Skyrim with an event that will be broadcast live from the hours The concert will re-propose the hymns, environmental music and melodies that have contributed to make the journey undertaken by the Dragon Blood even more epic.

Skyrim Special Edition owners (or those who benefit from Game Pass) can download a large selection of additional content from the Creation Club for free. Saints and Seducers introduces a plot based on two missions and many new features including weapons, armor, enemies and objects. Rarity Researched allows players to supply rare items from all over Tamriel thanks to the Khajiti caravans, with merchants full of goods and ingredients for poisons, arrows and special potions.

The DLC on Survival Mode sees the hero fighting against the elements: players must seek shelter in the colder areas and wear warm clothes to escape freezing death, then deal with the primary needs such as hunger and exhaustion. This is therefore a completely new challenge that transforms the Skyrim gaming experience. Less “distorting” but not less interesting for this reason, is then the DLC free that adds the mode Fishing, with 20 unique aquatic species to fish in the numerous water mirrors of the area.

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