Skyrim Anniversary Edition: Details On Prices And Update Next-Gen

A few days after the launch of Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, Bethesda has published all the details on the prices of the umpteenth iteration of the famous role-playing game, confirming the free update to the next-gen version.

As you know, Skyrim: Anniversary Edition will collect in a single package the version of Skyrim: Special Edition and all content published by the Creation Club until the launch, for a total of over 500 items between missions, Pending the release, Bethesda’s top management announced the prices of the new version, which can be purchased both in standalone form and as an update.

Skyrim’s standalone copy: Anniversary Edition will cost 54.99 Euros on all platforms, both in physical and digital form. Skyrim owners: Special Edition will be able to upgrade to the Anniversary version at a cost of 19.99 euros. In this last case the developers have emphasized that all the trophies and goals will be preserved, with the only exception for the upgrade from PS4 and PS5.

Finally, Bethesda confirmed that the update to the next-gen version that includes “improved graphics, faster loading times and more” will be free for Skyrim owners: Anniversary Edition and Special Edition. Before leaving you, please note that Skyrim: Anniversary Edition will be released on November 11th on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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