Skull & Bones: The Team Loses Pieces, The Game Director And Lead Game Designer Leaves Ubisoft

Antoine Henry, Associate Game Director and Lead Game Designer of Skull & Bones team, announced that he left Ubisoft after 15 years of working in the studies of the transalpine company.

“Goodbye, Ubisoft! I leave the company after almost 15 years, today was my last day of work in Ubisoft. I thank all the people I have met over the years, each one has left me something important and has allowed me to grow personally and professionally, I hope I have given them the same. Soon a new professional adventure will begin.”

These are the words of Antoine Henry, who did not however specify the reasons that led him to leave Ubisoft. Over the years, Antoine has worked not only on Skull & Bones but also on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and his most recent work seems to be the DLC The Paris Assedio.

Skull & Bones has undergone several rebootings over the years and some insiders believe that an Internal Beta would be in the right direction of arrival, but it is unclear whether the project has a precise direction and is starting to speed up the work in view of a publication

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