Six Days In Fallujah: The Controversial Fps On The Iraq War Postponed To 2022

Originally expected for 2021 on PC and Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Six Days in Fallujah will be waiting for a long time. The publisher Victoria confirmed the delay of the FPS set during the Iraq war to Q4 2022, explaining the reasons behind this decision on its official website.

“It became clear that recreating these real stories would require a lot more people, resources and time than we had,” explains Peter Tamte, CEO of Victoria, who continues: “Doubling our team is just one of the With a delay of almost a whole year, now scheduled for the last months of 2022, developers can thus concentrate more on improving their work.

Announced in 2009, the title was initially produced by Konami, who then abandoned the license. After years of limbo, the project was reborn in early 2021 thanks to Victura, however it did not fail to trigger new disputes over the nature of its contents, exactly as happened at the time of its original announcement over 12 years ago. Six Days in Fallujah was accused of propaganda, but the controversy did not stop here: shortly after, in fact, the boycott of Six Days in Fallujah started because of the delicate issues dealt with inside

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