Silicon Lake And Oies Bring Nfts And Tokens Into The World Of Exports

The innovative startup Silicon Lake SRL and Sport Digital House srl (SDH), a company operating in sports marketing and owner of the OIES brand (Italian Observatory Esport), are pleased to announce the partnership for the next 3 years in the year 2018

Following a shared project path, there will be multiple activities that are the protagonists of this collaboration: – the first certificates of the training activities of OIES will be loaded on Blockchain by Silicon Lake. – OIES Bad certificates

The partnership is formally signed on 13 December 2021. The design arrangements, the exit times of the NFTs and future activities will be announced in 2022.

Here are the first statements of the CEO of the companies: Luigi Caputo, CEO of SDH: As happened with the OIES in the E-sports field, thanks to the collaboration with Silicon Lake we will bring the innovation of blockchain and NFT in the world of E-sports and sport. We are excited to start this journey, sure to play a leading role thanks to the value of our partners. We will be in favour of countless innovations.

Alberto Puppo, CEO of Silicon Lake: › I have been working digital since 1986 and I have always been willing to put innovation back at the centre. This partnership with Sport Digital House is a demonstration of how Silicon Lake is pursuing this mission with conviction and competence. The coherence of this approach is demonstrated by the fact that one of our pillars is the partnership of absolute quality, such as the one just signed.

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