Silent Hill Restless Dreams Available: The Horror Series Returns To Worry In The Fan Film

While rumors continue to suggest the existence of more games than Silent Hill in development, the most nostalgic fans can deceive the expectation of any newness thanks to an interesting project.

Published in the Halloween period, Silent Hill: Restless Dreams is in particular a valuable fan film inspired by the Konami series imaginary. The film, lasting about thirty minutes, was made available in a completely free way by its creators, who decided to publish it on YouTube. Directly in the opening of this news, you can find the full version of Silent Hill: Restless Dreams, obviously in English only.

To guide the fan made project, we find Colten Dietz, who has been involved in direction, screenplay and production. Among the interpreters, we can instead mention Vic Mignogna, Mercedes Peterson and Julie Anne Prescott. At the center of the scene, Silent Hill: Restless Dreams puts a tormented man, determined to come to terms with his past. On the trail of his tragically deceased wife, the protagonist finds himself crossing the border of the notorious city of Silent Hill, where he is waiting for creatures who are definitely not friendly.

Recently, we remember, another fan made project found the way to the publication: the fan film Silent Hill: Road of Guilt, proposed in the form of a completely free short film.

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