Silent Hill Can Really Come Back? The Rumors, Between Kojima, Keighley, Del Toro And Reedus

There is no peace for the survival horror series, with fans of the genre who continue to hope for a new Silent Hill created by Hideo Kojima, even after the failure of the promising P.T. project.

For the last year, rumor and rumor have been heard about an effective rapprochement between Konami and Metal Gear Solid’s father, but no official confirmation has ever emerged on this subject. Of course, the ideas of reflection never fail to appeal, thanks to a peculiar irony that seems to be appreciated by some personalities of the videogaming world.

Among the latter are Geoff Keighley, with the Canadian journalist who seems to enjoy spreading quotations in the most unexpected places. For example, Hideo Kojima recently announced that he temporarily lost access to Instagram for unclear reasons. In commenting on the event, the conductor of The Game Awards, and a well-known friend of Kojima, decided to use the word “Silent” to hope that the social network does not force the game director to be ”

And the Silent Hill series also got his quote from the stage of The Game Awards 2021, when Gullermo Del Toro himself – involved at the time in the realization of P.T. – introduced an award by recalling

To close the picture, we find a further Tweet by Hideo Kojima, who announces that he has had a chance to entertain for over an hour with Norman Reedus after a long time. The actor, who dressed as the lead character in Death Stranding, should have been the main character in Silent Hills, as revealed at the end of the P.T. Demo that Reedus is involved in the next And most importantly, is there really a Silent Hill under the roof of Kojima Productions?

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