Sifu To The Test: Great Fights In The New Action Based On Martial Arts

We tried a demo of SIFU, the new action game based on martial arts by the authors of Absolver and were very impressed by its gameplay. Here are our thoughts on this work that, we remember, will be released on 8 February 2022 on PC and exclusively consoles on PS4 and PlayStation 5.

The new slamming of the French developers of Sloclap embraces the narrative arch of a young warrior who, survived the massacre of his family, will be on the trail of the criminal organization that committed this heinous murder.

In the background of a fighting system strongly inspired by martial arts, the spirit of vendita that will animate the hero of SIFU will make him aware of the extreme sacrifice that awaits him: the story told by Slocla It will therefore be up to the players to prevent the weariness of battles from forcing the hero to lose his battle against the brutal executioners of his loved ones.

If you want to get further into the playful experience of the last digital effort of the authors of Absolver, on the pages of you find our last test with the martial arts of SIFU in the special signature of Alessandro Bruni.

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