Sifu, Martial Arts In Freedom In Video Gameplay: Big Fights And Kung-Fu

With the new release date of FISU scheduled for February 2022, the Martial Arts Action game signed by Sloclap has recently shown itself in detail to the specialized press.

As already told on the pages of Everyeye in the rich trial of SIFU, signed by our Alessandro Bruni, the development team has in fact made available to the critics a first Demo game to test. Based on a non-final version of the Action, the Action offers a tasty taste of the Sloclap title, expected on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Between the mission of revenge and the celebration of the Kung-Fu, SIFU is preparing to propose an adrenaline and choreographic videogaming journey, enriched by an interesting dynamics of aging. After several deaths, in fact, our protagonist will be struck by the passage of time, resulting in a change in his fighting skills.

The international editorial staff of Game Informer recently had the opportunity to present an interesting game session of SIFU in preview. With a duration of about a quarter of an hour, the gameplay allows you to get a first idea of what will be the essential characteristics of the production, as well as its artistic sector. Available directly at the beginning of this news, the film presents in a broad way the new title of the authors of Absolver. What do you think?

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