Sifu: Announced Physical Editions For Ps5 And Ps4, This Is When They Will Be Released

As already confirmed, SIFU will arrive at the beginning of 2022: the expected adventure of kung fu signed Slocap will be available on PS5, PS4 and PC starting from February 8, 2021 in digital format. But good news comes also for all lovers of physical editions.

Through an agreement between developers and Microids, SIFU will also be available in retail format on both Sony consoles currently on the market. The announcement was confirmed through a short trailer that also reveals the period of release of the physical versions, set for spring 2022. At the moment, no precise release date has been revealed, nor what the packages will contain as bonuses in addition to the game record.

Meanwhile Slocap has also released a new video gameplay by SIFU, which allows us to see further action the promising and intense scrolling beaten up all centered on martial arts. In addition to the hectic fights and variety in terms of moves available and environmental interaction, the dynamics of aging is one of the most interesting features of the game, which sees the protagonist struck by the advance of age after each death, with inevitable consequences on his style

Will you take SIFU in a digital version in February or will you wait for the retail version in spring?

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