Shattered Tale Of The Forgotten King: The Gdr Between Zelda And Dark Souls Arrives On Console

While fans of roleplay are looking forward to the launch of Elden Ring, Redlock Studio captures the attention of fans of the genre announcing to be at work on the console version of Shattered Tale of the Forgotten King, their

Produced by Forthright Entertainment, the title catapults us into a dark fantasy dimension plunged into chaos after the King’s disappearance. Our task is to interpret the Wanderer, a traveler called to explore the kingdom to search for survivors and thus guarantee the succession to the throne.

The story-to-do, as laid out by Redlock, is a gameplay open world with a system of role-playing progression focused on the acquisition of powers, equipment, skills and weapons to be obtained after completing the challenges with bosses and

Of particular interest, always on the front of the game experience, is also the system that is dedicated to managing meetings with the PNGs: not all survivors of the kingdom of Hypnos, in fact, will be worthy of trust, therefore it will be up to users to understand how

Shattered’s Console Transpositions – Tale of the Forgotten King are destined to land in the first quarter of 2022 in PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S digital stores.

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