Shaquille O’neal Gave Away 1,000 Ps5 And Switches To The Less Fortunate Kids At Christmas

Shaquille O’Neal gave away 1,000 PS5 and 1,000 Nintendo Switch consoles for Christmas to families in economic difficulty at Christmas, so that they can give their children a gift for the end of the year.

After discovering that between 15 and 20 million American children would not receive any Christmas gifts, Shaq tried to provide in the best way and called Walmart to order 1,000 PS5 and 1,000 Nintendo Switch, as well as bicycles

Through the Shaq Foundation and with the support of brands like Pepsi, Tonka and Frito Lay, Shaquille O’Neal has organized the distribution of gifts at the Elementary School Wesley Lakes Elementary School in McD

Undoubtedly a gesture of great altruism by the former basket of Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, currently entrepreneur, actor and influencer with a great popularity all over the world and for many years engaged in charitable initiatives with

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