Shadow Warrior 3 Finally Has A Launch Date, And It’s Not Too Far Away.

The Wang is ready to come back, more contemptuous and angry than ever. Although Dovolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog have not yet made ads in magna pump, the pages just appeared on PlayStation Store and Xbox Store are not lying: Shadow Warrior 3 will not be waiting much longer.

With the brand new Shadow Warriors 3 pages that appeared on PlayStation Store and Xbox Store, we learn that the first-person shooter will be launched on the market on March 1st. So we did well to raise our antennas when Shadow Warrior 3 was ranked in the Korean board rating a few days ago. We also find that all those who pre-order the game on consoles will get immediate access to the first two games in the series, Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2, and an exclusive limited edition Katana skin to use Neither card refers to the PS5 and Xbox Series X Plus editions. Steam hasn’t been updated for some time.

In Shadow Warrior 3, we remember, Lo Wang and his former enemy Orochi Zilla will have to recapture an ancient dragon who have unintentionally freed from his eternal prison. An arsenal composed of a wide variety of blades and gunshots will prove indispensable to reject yet another demonic apocalypse, seasoned with the sharp lines of Lo Wang, the biting conversations with Zilla Do you know that Shadow Warrior 3 can be completed 60 times in 500 hours? Is that a crazy statement? Yes, it is, but it was born in response to the words of the developers of Dying Light 2.

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