Shadow Warrior 3 As Dying Light 2: For Developers ‘In 500 Hours You Will Finish It 60 Times’

Refacing on social media after unveiling with an ironic video the postponement of Shadow Warrior 3, the boys of Flying Wild Hog discuss the longevity of the next epoch shooter Lo Wang citing.

The message shared by the Polish software house takes up the themes dealt with by Techland in the now known post on the 500 hours of Dying Light 2 and underlines how “Shadow Warrior 3 will require a total of 500 hours of play to be completed To listen to the authors of Warsaw, it will take exactly 8 hours and 20 minutes of actual play to reach the headlines of the main campaign of Shadow Warrior 3: considering the amount of secondary content and the great difference represented by the numerous approaches to gameplay offered by each

The ironic tweet of Flying Wild Hog promptly responded ‘in their own way’ to the curators of the official social profile of Xbox: Microsoft’s videogaming division preferred not to enter into the debate of the community on the long

Techland, for his part, also took the quote and responded nicely to the message of his colleagues at Flying Wild Hog with the famous monkey meme that grenades his eyes.

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